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Leah's Blog

I’m Leah Heizman, 56.
I began to lose my hearing when I was 32. I noticed I wasn’t hearing certain sounds. I never imagined what it meant so I just asked my doctor for a referral for a simple hearing test.
The ENT doctor whispered something in my ear, saw I could hear and said, “Everything’s okay. [...]

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Chavi's Blog

My name is Chavi. I’m 10 years old and I’m in Grade 3 in a regular school.

My rehabilitation process was long, hard and confusing.

I know there are lots more children who can’t hear who are at different stages on the journey.

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A Tour in White A Study Day in the Kiryat Sefer Branch for Pediatricians and Family Health Center Nurses

Many children display symptoms of difficulty in acquiring language, speech delays or problems in integrating into their educational frameworks as a result of conductive or nerve-related hearing deterioration.

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Mazal Tov! New Infant Rehabilitation Day Centers Open in the Branches!

Shema Kolenu began the new academic year with a particularly impressive new venture – two new daycare centers in our Kiryat Sefer and Bet Shemesh branches to add to the existing facilities in the Ashdod and Jerusalem branches.

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