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Mazal Tov! New Infant Rehabilitation Day Centers Open in the Branches!

Shema Kolenu began the new academic year with a particularly impressive new venture – two new daycare centers in our Kiryat Sefer and Bet Shemesh branches to add to the existing facilities in the Ashdod and Jerusalem branches.

The centers are slated for hearing impaired infants – from a few months through the age of two –so they can begin the hearing and speech rehabilitation process from a very early age. This will ensure a much smoother inclusion into hearing society in the future.

Staff at the new centers – nursery teachers, assistants, speech therapists and language teachers – have been equipped with all they need to provide the children with maximum service, treatment and stimulation.

They have planned organized work and activity programs in advance and are expected to conduct all activities in the daycare framework in line with these plans.

Interestingly enough, these daycare centers operate on an inclusion basis, with 70% of the children being hearing impaired and the other 30% hearing normally. The latter offer the former a natural and normative social framework which challenges the hearing impaired children and helps them progress and develop much quicker.

We take this opportunity to wish all the wonderful staff of Shema Kolenu and our darling children and their parents a productive and healthy New Year.


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