A Tour in White A Study Day in the Kiryat Sefer Branch for Pediatricians and Family Health Center Nurses | shema kolenu
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A Tour in White A Study Day in the Kiryat Sefer Branch for Pediatricians and Family Health Center Nurses

Shema Kolenu’s wealth of experience in rehabilitating hearing impaired children has demonstrated the importance of identifying impairment at an early age.

Many children display symptoms of difficulty in acquiring language, speech delays or problems in integrating into their educational frameworks as a result of conductive or nerve-related hearing deterioration.

In many cases, the problem is not diagnosed in time and the child receives no treatment or rehabilitation.

Shema Kolenu has decided to spearhead change in this crucial area.

As part of this effort, we hosted a special study day for pediatricians and nurses in the Modi’in area.

In addition to the medical representatives, a number of honored guests attended the event including Rabbi Gutterman, the Head of the local council, employees from the Education and Social Affairs departments, health agency reps and other public figures.

Some of the leading professionals in the field delivered some fascinating lectures:

Dr. Shapira, an ENT specialist from Tel HaShomer, presented surgical solutions for hearing impairment, particularly discussing the BAHA implant system for conductive deterioration.

Dr. Buler, an ENT specialist from the Schneider Hospital, discussed the various causes of liquids accumulation and presented possible treatments for middle ear infections and conductive hearing loss.

Dr. Kaufman, from the ENT Department at Hadassah Ein Karem, spoke about the cochlear implant operation and presented innovations in the bilateral implant field.

Mrs. Sarah Tene, of the Communications Disturbances Department at Tel Aviv University and the Speech Therapist Mentor at Shema Kolenu, instructed participants about the importance of early identification and the role of family doctors and family center nurses in identifying the different symptoms.

An advanced hearing aids exhibition was on display throughout the day, with the importing companies presenting the latest technological innovations in the field of implants and new intra-aural devices.

Shema Kolenu’s investment of hard work and attention to detail left a lasting impression on the study day participants.


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