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About Shema Kolenu

The Silent Revolution

 Shema Kolenu specializes in rehabilitation and training for the hearing impaired.

Founded in 1992 with the aim of providing help and support for a few children, it is now a respected authority in the field and the leading professional center in Israel for the hearing impaired in all sectors of the population.

Shema Kolenu currently has four branches in Israel and is known as a warm and welcoming home for hearing impaired infants, children and adults, enabling them to integrate smoothly into a hearing society.

The Shema Kolenu team is constantly helping not only the hearing impaired but their families too. We run workshops and community support groups and address all the special needs crucial to smooth communication between the hearing impaired and their loved ones.

The Rehabilitation Method

Thanks to vast knowledge and experience acquired over the years, Shema Kolenu has developed a unique rehabilitation method warmly recommended by doctors, audiologists, speech therapists and education professionals specializing in the field of hearing.

Apart from the physical rehabilitation of the hearing system, this method stresses the development of cognitive and understanding abilities. It also empowers our students with social and life skills, enabling them to cope successfully with their daily challenges.

From hospital screening tests through to matriculation, Shema Kolenu staff accompany the hearing impaired child, caring for everything he or she needs to advance like a normally hearing child, and even more. We do everything in our power to ensure that our graduates fully integrate into hearing society with fluent speech and a rich vocabulary.

Hundreds of successful alumni and grateful parents are the best testimony to the effectiveness of our rehabilitation methods.

The Center Team

Shema Kolenu’s educational team places top priority on maintaining direct contact with students and their families. Staff are carefully selected and undergo regular training, including study days, supplementary studies and lectures from the leading figures in the field.

You will find some of the top Israeli experts in hearing impairment on our professional staff: audiologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers and paramedical therapists, all highly qualified and richly experienced in clinical work.

Senior Staff

 Mira Irenstein Center Founder and Director

Sara Shalom – Professional Consultant

Sara Tene – Director, Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation

Head of the Communications Department at Tel Aviv University

Rivka Meir – Chief Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rikki Kaplan Ne’eman – Director, Audiological Institute

Fanny Bloch – Head Audiologist at the Center

Gitta Kahane – Didactic Coordinator, Educational Moderator