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Programs for the Future

Programs in Development

Shema Kolenu is constantly monitoring the latest technological developments and international advancements in the field of hearing impairment. Consequently, we are engaged in our own rapid progress so we can provide the latest and very best solutions for the hearing impaired community in Israel.

Despite the fast pace of development, Shema Kolenu invests hours of thought and planning before implementing new strategies or equipment. Here are just three of our future projects currently in the advanced planning stages:

National Center

Although we have four locations around the country, there is still a great need for one central address to provide the hearing impaired community with the entire range of treatments, activities and accessories. Shema Kolenu is now planning such a center.

Employment Center

In light of the tremendous difficulties hearing impaired people encounter in the workplace, Shema Kolenu is planning to establish a special employment center. Its chief function will be to place employees in the regular workplace. Relevant professionals will guide Shema Kolenu alumni to appropriate employment and ensure they receive suitable treatment and conditions.