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Advice and Training

The Shema Kolenu team is always available for the children and their families. The consultancy team consists of a psychologist, a social worker and other professionals from the fields of communication and hearing. They run workshops and training sessions as well as providing professional and personal guidance.

 We also organize group study days for parents and alumni, inviting some of the leading names in the field to share their knowledge with us.

 Social Services

Hearing impaired children and their families are entitled to many rights. Shema Kolenu helps them attain those rights by easing the bureaucracy, working with the Ministry of Social Affairs and connecting them to a social worker who helps cut through the red tape. In addition, we can help raise money from friends and donors for hearing aids and other accessories.

 Training Educational Teams

Shema Kolenu is a strong proponent of raising awareness of hearing impairment in the education system, particularly amongst teachers who have hearing impaired children in their classrooms.

 We run many training days and programs for teachers, high schools and seminaries.

 In the evening training sessions, participants also receive guidance about how to operate hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM systems.

 Apart from the technical aspects, we give teachers the tools they need to help their students integrate smoothly into a hearing society.

 The Shema Kolenu team is always happy to meet the teaching staff of the inclusion frameworks, discuss each child with them and help them assess the child’s academic and social progress.

 Genetic Data

Upon encountering the hearing issue in a matchmaking context, many people turn to Shema Kolenu for advice. Of course, we provide them with comprehensive answers and explanations and provide the most current and reliable information we have about hearing genetics.

 Many families with hearing impaired children are referred to genetic consultants in the hospitals who are also in contact with Shema Kolenu. We work together to prevent unpleasantness and problems in the future.