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Shema Kolenu invests heavily in education, from early childhood through to young adults and the transition to conventional educational frameworks and the workplace. We also place great importance on enrichment programs, providing students with the opportunity to specialize in various fields and develop their skills and talents.

Our staff have developed a didactic assessment fully adapted to the hearing impaired, taking into consideration the different levels of language development. The assessments allow staff to reveal the precise strengths of each child and to build a perfectly suited individual educational/treatment program.

Daycare Centers and Preschools

After decades of experience, Shema Kolenu knows that the earlier we can start with a child, the greater the chances they will develop their language and speech capabilities to higher standards.

Our day centers accept children barely a few months old and they usually progress to our preschools.

Our team of preschool teachers, clinical psychologists and therapists accompany the children to amazing achievements in speech and enriched language. In many cases they attain even higher standards than hearing children in regular preschools.

The children benefit from individual and group work with a speech therapist and receive paramedical treatment such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music and more. All our daycare centers and preschools are under the close supervision of the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

Afternoon Studies

As part of our educational philosophy of integrating hearing impaired children into hearing society, Shema Kolenu set up a special afternoon study framework. This is designed for day school and high school students in formal education, who come to receive supplementary help with their studies.

The teaching methods are adapted to hearing impaired children and taught by specialist teachers. This afternoon help enables them to cope better and succeed in their morning school frameworks.

Evening Studies

We also do our utmost to ensure that even after our alumni have left, they can still come and receive emotional and spiritual help from specially chosen mentors, who guide them in their academic and social paths.

Thanks to the successful combination of a supportive, friendly relationship and help with Torah study, our graduates – some of whom are in the top yeshivas – can calmly continue their studies.

Language Development Programs

The main cause of poor language in hearing impaired children is the great difficulty in hearing. At Shema Kolenu we provide the children with all the support they need to develop a rich and fluent language base.

The process is based on oral learning. It is an engaging process, using trips, electronic games, study centers, shows and more. All activities encourage speech and the children learn how sentences are constructed and how developed language is created.

Enrichment Sessions

The issue of children occupying themselves productively during leisure time is even more acute for hearing impaired children, largely because they are not exposed to other worlds. Shema Kolenu hosts a range of enrichment sessions which develop skills and offer extensive knowledge and expertise in fields such as art, carpentry, home economics, science, music, computers, photography and others.

The Center is proud of its advanced technological equipment, which includes a laboratory, an interactive games room, a large library, pedagogic center and many more innovative tools to help the students develop even further.

Pre-vocational Training

Not only the present, but the future too.

This is the unwritten law at Shema Kolenu. Constantly concerned with the present but always thinking of the future. That’s why we’ve set up pre-vocational courses to help students acquire a profession in the future. Courses include: electrical appliances, wig making, computers, graphic design, flower arranging and silver crafting.

Many of our alumni are working in these professions – some in senior positions – thanks to the training they received at Shema Kolenu.