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Financial Aid

Gemach for Hearing Aids

Shema Kolenu children are invited to take advantage of a unique Gemach (free loan fund), which helps with specific hearing aid adaptations, transitional periods or when hearing aids are not working properly.


The Gemach saves families more heavy expenses and gives them the opportunity to test the most appropriate device for their child before spending thousands of dollars.


Hearing Aid Fund

Hearing aids are a very expensive commodity. A standard device costs approximately $2,500 although families can buy a device for a reduced price once every three years. A child who breaks or loses a device, or a physiological change in the size and functioning of the hearing system can also mean extra expense for parents who cannot always bear the costs.


Shema Kolenu’s Hearing Aid Fund provides essential financial aid to these families. We are able to give them regular discounts if they buy devices through us. In certain cases we also provide full funding.


The Gemach and the Fund are fully supported by donors passionate about helping hearing impaired children and doing all they can for those who cannot afford the huge expenses involved in hearing devices. Shema Kolenu also initiates projects to expand these kinds of activities.


If you wish to donate to the Gemach or the Fund, please visit our Donations Page. Your generosity will help many children discover a host of brand new worlds!