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Audiological Institute

One of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Israel, Shema Kolenu’s Audiological Institute is run by a team of highly experienced speech therapists from some of the best hospitals in Israel.

The Institute offers hearing assessments, behavioral tests, tympanometry, language and speech evaluations, earphone adaptation, hearing aids and FM machinery, etc. The Audiological Institute also serves all the health agencies and provides hearing tests for children with liquid in the ear, infections and other ailments.

Shema Kolenu children undergo periodical monitoring of their hearing. This service is also provided for the general public and is available at all our branches (apart from Bet Shemesh for the time being.)

Communication Rehabilitation

Children at Shema Kolenu participate in individual and group classes aimed at raising them to the highest possible levels of speech and hearing. The department is run by experienced speech therapists specializing in speech and language acquisition and hearing skills development.

Rehabilitation is achieved using methods fully adapted to the needs of each child: the literal hearing method, the oral method and sometimes the multi-sensory oral method.

Paramedical Help

Paramedical help is an integral part of the rehabilitation process, offering alternative therapy such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dance and music. This extra service is crucial for developing life skills and is also used to effectively treat many emotional problems.

Shema Kolenu is equipped with special apparatus to assist this work:

  • Snoezelen Room – Contains equipment and machinery to create multi-sensory stimulation. The method has proven popular and successful with hearing impaired children all over the world. The room is equipped with white mattresses on the floor and walls, different colored lights and games that stimulate the senses and help relax and calm the child.
  • Sports Facilities – Shema Kolenu has developed a sports facility combining guided physical activity, weight balance and hearing stimulation. The apparatus has been specially adapted for the hearing impaired, with oral stimulation built into all parts of the equipment.
  • Ecological Greenhouse – Work in the greenhouse creates a ‘hidden’ treatment framework. The students’ challenges and success enable them to manage their feelings positively and develop meaningful relationships in other areas of life.

The children are responsible for the greenhouse garden, planting plants and vegetables and involved at all stages of growth. Exposure to the enchanting world of Nature transforms the simple act of eating fruit and vegetables into a fascinating and exciting event.

The children even become emotionally connected to the plants, generate verbal and non-verbal communication with Nature, acquire extensive knowledge and enrich their language. All the senses are activated.

Furthermore, because results and achievements here are unrelated to cognitive ability, every single child can enjoy the activities and experience success.