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A supportive social framework is the most important element of child development in general and for hearing impaired children in particular. It provides an emotional and mental security net for the child.

This is certainly true at Shema Kolenu, where we provide an organized social framework for all ages. The children receive empathy and support from people who understand their needs, which in turn reflects on the success of their clinical treatment.

As part of this framework, children and their families discuss sensitive issues related to their daily challenges, share their concerns and support each other in their most pressing challenges.

The organization also arranges day trips, vacations, hikes, group Shabbatot and other activities. For the older children, we invite their hearing peers from their educational frameworks so that our students can enhance their self-image within their daily social context.

Parent Support Groups

The power of focused support groups has been proven all over the world. There is no substitute for mutual support and accumulated knowledge and experience.

Shema Kolenu hosts regular parent support sessions, in which they discuss problems, challenges and lessons learned from coping daily with hearing impairment in the family.

We also run a special group for parents of hearing impaired babies who are still too young for daycare. Parents come once a week to the Center and Shema Kolenu staff give them a glimpse of the silent world of hearing impaired children. This has proved to be a source of great comfort and support to young parents.

Similarly, we run separate support groups for our male and female graduates.